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Tech Sketch uses the latest computer technology in a unique and creative way to produce visual representations of a building project in its completed stage. This can include interior and exterior views of a project along with conceptual landscape environments and lighting capabilites.


We provide architectural design, 3D modeling, image rendering, music and video production in a number of styles that will enable you to tell your project’s story in a presentation format that showcases the architecture, landscape features, lighting, interior design, furnishings, amenities and lifestyle you wish to convey.


The purpose of visual project design is to create a better end result by allowing ideas to transform and emerge through the visuals that are produced from our enhanced process.  We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure the creative process involves them and their needs.  Presentations should create a "mood" or "theme" in which to sell the project design.


Recent advancements in computer software have allowed the affordability of visual 3D design in architecture and landscape that should be taken advantage of in all cases.  The importance of seeing the end result of a project is paramount to the success of the life it has and its use in the community.

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