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Create the sensation of walking through the finished project in it's full glory with animations and details that convey how the space will be experienced when it is completed.​​  Take advantage of Tech Sketch's advanced modeling techniques and cutting edge animations to achieve the results you envision.  The selection of music for the presentation is a key component in determining the feel of the space and the mood of the overall project.  Years of experience in the music and recording industry allows us to provide just the right background soundtrack and edit the entire production in a unique and creative way.    Some examples of video production projects include:


  • Shopping Centers & Malls

  • Retail & Restaurant Chains

  • Resorts, Wineries, Casinos, Theme Parks

  • Stadiums, Sports Facilities & Gymnasiums

  • Golf Courses, Country Clubs, Fitness Centers

  • Schools, Universities, Libraries, Hospitals, Museums, Churches, Village & Town Centers

  • Town Halls, Parks & Recreation Areas, Community Centers

  • Ferry Terminals, Airports, Bus & Train Stations

  • Banks, Auto Dealerships, Gas Stations

  • Civic, Conference, Convention & Exhibition Centers

  • Theatres & Auditoriums

  • Apartment, Condominium, & New Housing Developments

  • Senior & Assisted Living Centers, Transitional Housing Developments

  • Corporations & Commercial Office Spaces

  • Business Parks

  • Industrial Facilities & Factories

  • Civil Planning, Traffic Integration Animations

  • Precise Shadow Studies for any Location

Video Production

Tech Sketch produces images that can range from near photorealistic to very sketchy and artistic.  ​​Good quality images rendered in print form or on any type of media screen can convincingly sell an idea to a prospective buyer, marketing department, financial institution, or design review board.  We are able to digitally model and render a project in many styles and levels of detail. The real advantage of 3D design visualization comes from being able to actually see the end result and manipulate the entire project from the beginning.  We provide stunning still image renderings with just the right amount of detail to bring a project design to its full potential.  This list suggests only some of its wide variety of uses.


  • New Residential and Commercial Buildings

  • Residential and Commercial Remodels

  • Artistic Presentation Drawings

  • Planning Department Presentations

  • Real Estate Development/Before and After Photos

  • Overall Site Layout and Interpretation

  • Landscape Visualization Images 

  • Interior Design Images

  • Streetscape and Storefront Renderings

Image Rendering
Architectural Design

Tech Sketch can bring 2D and 3D plans, sections, elevations, and site maps to life at an affordable price.  Let us express your project's message in a way that combines enriched visual representations with textual content and explains that message in a simple and concise manner.  We can take your existing black and white drawings, sketches, and plans, and create inspiring colored renderings,  Or we can design a presentation drawing from scratch, using your project's criteria, and express it to suit your needs.  Easily see design ideas in vivid color.  Communicate your ideas more effectively with enhanced textures in your drawings.  We can make adjustments to various materials and color combinations according to design decisions in your project.  Whether it be an exterior facade, interior elevation, color board, or site plan presentation, Tech Sketch will provide the right type of drawing to fit your project's message.  Examples include:


  • Project Overview Presentations

  • Colored Elevations

  • Colored Floor Plans

  • Colored Site Plans & Informational Plat Maps

  • 3D Colored Isometric Plans and Sections

  • Artistic Styles to Choose From

Textual & Graphic Presentation Drawings

Tech Sketch has been in the design industry since 1996 and has been involved in all aspects of design and construction drawings.​​  We have the ability to visualize and design spaces that are bright, open, smart and functional.  We take into consideration the importance of the interrelationships between environments while still maintaining privacy, and how it all relates to proper scale and the overall design concept.  Spaces should become connected with the environment that surrounds them.  Site conditions and exterior relationships play an important role in the design process at Tech Sketch. 


Many high end real estate sales can be successfully completed upon visualizing before and after design photos in printed brochures, websites, or on high quality resolution images displayed at open houses.  Potential buyers may not envision what a property in need of an update or remodel can look like when viewing a house.  Let us redesign the property and stage it in virtual reality to show potential clients how a space can become a dream home with a few simple changes and updates.


Our goal at Tech Sketch is to provide our clients with whatever design needs they require to fulfill their project visions.  This could include simply inserting your computer models into a realistic environment that we can create.  Or allowing us to create and design your project from the beginning concepts to the final visions.  Examples of design include:


  • New Construction

  • Residential and Commercial Remodeling

  • Real Estate Development/Before and After Design

  • Lighting Design in Virtual Reality

  • Landscape Design Visualization

Architectural Design

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Video Production


Vacation Dreams

Residence - Prescott, AZ

Roadway Landscape

Beach Bungalow Resort - Philppines

Larkspur Village Center

Pool House

Bonefish Grill


With all these great advancements in computer technology comes connectivity between devices.  We can now take advantage of this by immediately interacting with our clients on any design changing ideas. Our 3D modeled environments are uploaded and sent to all of your smart phones, tablets, laptops, and pc's for your quick review and comments.  You can literally walk around your project with a touch of a finger and view all areas inside and out whenever and wherever you are with your devices on the go.


This interactivity allows us to keep the momentum of the project going as we alter the designs to suit your immediate feedback.  This could include material changes, furnishings, color ideas, landscape elements, or lighting and shadow issues.  


360 Degree - Interactive Design

Funeral Home- Louisville, MS

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